Fiscal responsibiity

It has been quite some time....and now I am tongue tied. Where do I start? What do I post about after so long?! You missed my fall haul (because I didn't post about it) and then my crazy end of year travel - I was in 6 countries over the span of 30 days - and over 2 continents (again, too busy) and then... personal admin hell... and well, now it is April. At least my US taxes are almost done. So FINALLY, FINALLY, a moment to breathe. 

This year is going to be all about saving. 2018 is to be the year that the Houser-Boyle family moves on up. This little growing family needs some more space. And as we all know, real estate is not cheap. So, well, I need to be better about my spending, I mean I do have a closet FULL of clothes. 

Of course this doesn't mean I am not going to spend at all... I mean, come on. I am just going to limit my outings to some of my favorites (ahem, Zara). So, in honor of being a bit more spendthrift this year, a little inspiration that led to what I thought was a COS steal and may be exactly what this working girl is wearing today. 

The outnet Antonio Berardi £254.25, COS £30

It is that time again... winter coats

It is that time of year again. Not only is it that time, but I have already worn a winter coat this fall. London has seen a smattering of very brisk mornings! 

Given the current demands on my time, I have not gone through every fall/winter fashion show but here are some coats that caught my eye. There is something about each one of these that I love. While some are more 'on trend', than what I would generally go for, the classic shapes makes these options wearable over time, and of course, client meeting appropriate, always my litmus test. 

shopping destination. Portugal

This was a busy summer. Not because I had a baby earlier this year, but because I decided to take advantage of my maternity leave as much as possible. Everyone said, travel before the baby starts moving, it will never get easier. Plus, when would I ever have this time, just me and this little person, to enjoy each other's company and get paid to do it? So hit the road we did. 

First stop was Italy. Then we went home, to San Diego. Back to England and in the car for 6.5 hours to get to Cornwall.  Then finally one last hurrah before heading back to work. I was off to Portugal for a girls (+ baby) trip, where we were heading to Lisbon and Porto. 

Olá Portugal! I had no expectations at all but honestly Lisbon and Porto were total gems. Lisbon was fantastic and I am planning to go back, hopefully sooner rather than later. Porto was interesting as it was a real intersection of old and new, I am still processing it, but we came across the best shopping I had seen in a long time. Apparently Bloomberg ran a piece just earlier this month claiming that Porto is a fashion and design destination. I couldn't agree more.

Three shops that we stumbled across that I would absolutely go out of my way to visit again. Clerigos In, an amazing shop in Passeio dos Clerigos, with eye wear plus a spattering of fashion and lifestyle pieces sprinkled in. Daily-Day carries fantastic local brands as well as their own in house brand and feels super of the moment. Finally  The Feeting Room which had great shoes for men and women with an added bonus of accessories, again for both sexes. 

Portugal, I am coming back for more. Até logo! 




Color of the moment. Blush.

Winter is coming. I say this despite what I think has been the best weather we have seen all year in London, and with the week ahead promising that it will continue! To me though, this is the best time of year. Knowing that winter is around the corner means we are all soaking up the sunshine and embracing it as much as possible. At the same time I am starting to day dream about sweaters, wooly socks and weekend cook fests at home. 

Prada  double bag in blush EUR 2,250                                                            Jason Wu Pre Fall 2016, courtesy

Prada double bag in blush EUR 2,250                                                            Jason Wu Pre Fall 2016, courtesy

Whistles  Penny Double Breasted Coat £350                                                              Mansur Gavriel  bag in Peony $695 &  J. Crew  Lena Leather                                                                                                                                              Pumps with patent cap toe $258

Whistles Penny Double Breasted Coat £350                                                             Mansur Gavriel bag in Peony $695 & J. Crew Lena Leather                                                                                                                                              Pumps with patent cap toe $258

Image courtesy                   Zara  pleated midi £29.99 

Image courtesy                 Zara pleated midi £29.99 

What to wear now. Ruffles.

Looking for something to liven up your workweek standards? Ruffles. Don't cringe and bear with me here. I am not what I would describe as a girly girl but the new riff on ruffles has me wanting to make like a piñata and cover myself in them. They were all over the runway for Fall 2016 and even more so in the latest resort collections. So here is some inspiration to get you ready. 

All images from Vogue. Images clockwise from top left: Ellery resort 2017, Fendi fall 2016, Victoria, Victoria Beckham Summer 2016, Rochas pre fall 2016, Rosie Assoulin resort 2017, Givenchy resort 2017 

Trending. Embroidery

Summer is officially here! We are entering June and the temperatures are finally rising.

I am more than ready for summer weather but I know that sometimes figuring out what to wear to work when the temperature spikes can be tricky. You want your work wardrobe to be just a bit more fun, embracing the summer season, and ready as ever to go from work, to drinks, dinner, or that summer outdoor movie. What you don't want to be is that woman trying to break through the glass ceiling with a hem line so short that you can't physically climb higher than the bottom rung!

Embroidery is the perfect way to inject some summer into your work wear while still gunning for the corner office. Something about it just transports you to the souks of Morocco or the mercados of Cancun. I would pair anything with a more summer feel with something very structured. Think a flowy top with skinny black slacks, or wide legged trousers with pointy toed shoes. If pairing with a skirt keep it on the less voluminous side, like a pencil skirt. 

All items from Zara. Top row from left: Long sleeve top £49.99, short sleeve top £25.99, jacket £79.99 Bottom row from left:  tank £22.99, jacket £59.99, long sleeve top £25.99  

What your closet needs for Fall/Winter

You have probably been looking looking through Fall fashion now since August, whether it be in the magazines, online, or all the direct marketing via email.  In case you are overwhelmed, or your list of 'to buy' items is now up to 30 and you really don't have space in your closet for that many items (I may be talking about myself now) it is time to think strategically.

Worth taking a quick inventory of what you have already and then think what is missing that you are really crushing on from the Fall/Winter collections.  

My top picks are turtle necks, longer skirts and/or dresses, a pair of wide leg pants or two, higher waisted slim pants and some oversized sweaters. 

From the Fall collection here are some of my must have inspirations for exactly what my wardrobe is missing.

Culottes. Just in time for Fall

Had I been blogging at all this Spring or Summer you would know that I am not really sold on culottes. It seems like something children in France can only get away with.  Or Victoria Beckham. 

But then I saw this 

It isn't everyday that unsuspected snail mail pleasantly surprises you these days (thanks!  I think it is a bit of a stretch to call these culottes. I would categorize them more accurately as as wide leg ankle length pants, but the internet says these count too, so I am going with it.

For me this is exactly what I want to be wearing for fall right now. 

If you still can't get your head around culottes, a bit more food for thought from the street including the woman who wears them so well.....

images courtesy  pinterest  and

images courtesy pinterest and

Images courtesy  pinterest  

Images courtesy pinterest 

Images courtesy of  and  pinterest

Images courtesy of and pinterest