My favorite December accessory

What the hell is that, you ask? It isn't a clutch, or my excuse for a hypo allergenic cat. It is my favorite December accessory, a faux fur cossack hat from Topshop that I got back in October.  

I have been wearing this little guy non stop lately (instragram proof here) and much to my surprise I have been getting non stop compliments. A woman commented on how good it looked on the subway in NYC when I was there last week. Then just this week a guy working for TFL (Transport For London) wanted to take it because he said it looked so warm! Why is all of this so amazing? I am NOT a hat person. I tend to look ridiculous in hats so I tend to buy ones that I think are slightly ridiculous to offset that fact but this hat is amazing. And I can wear it into the office or between meetings and still look professional and WARM! Doesn't hurt I feel like a Russian doll when I wear it.  Oh and Topshop has it now in a million colors. THANK YOU TOPSHOP.

All images courtesy of Topshop