Wearing a sweatshirt to work

It's January. The days are getting a little longer, but colder. It isn't yet time to look forward to the spring and what that means for my wardrobe. These are the deadest days of the year. The bleakness of winter.

All I want is to be warm and comfortable at this time of year! THIS IS SWEATER WEATHER! Or for the daring a sweatshirt, which I am all for! For some quick ideas on how to pull this off lets look at some inspiration from the street as well as J Crew (via their style guide archives)

So lets put on a sweater (or jumper if you must) or even, GASP, a sweatshirt and go to work. Something I learned from glancing through so many J. Crew catalogs, if you tuck in the corner of your sweatshirt/sweater a la first image, and roll the sleeve slightly you get an instantly chic look. For the sleekest look pair a thick or oversized knit with a pencil skirt which will keep things from looking too chunky. For something 'younger' Asos has a few great options, like this or this. Finally, maybe even throw a blazer on...but seriously this is a great look and one that keeps you warm and cozy, which is all I want to be right now!

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*All items from J. Crew can be accessed via the post images above which are click thruable