Wearing sneakers (trainers) to (get to) work

Whatever you call them, sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes, you need to get an updated pair in your closet NOW. When Channel features them exclusively, with every look in their Spring 2014 Couture collection (here), you know this trend isn't over yet.

For me sneakers have been part of my walking shoe collection, you city girls know what I am talking about. Those shoes that you wear to work and then switch out for your 'work' shoes when you get to work. I have been wearing vans here and there for about a year and a half now, as a homage to Southern California, but New Balance and Nike seem to be the go to choice among the fashion forward.

So get out there and get a new pair of sneakers. These aren't just for the gym or wearing to walk to work either. You can work these into your (getting to) work wardrobe and your weekend wear, and not just to run to the corner store, you can wear them OUT OUT. Sneakers have never looked so good.

sneakers 9 and 10.jpg
sneakers 4 and 5.jpg
sneakers 3.jpg
sneakers 6.jpg
sneakers 7 and 8.jpg
sneakers 1 and 2.jpg

Images courtesy of fashionagony.com, trendsurvivor.com, J. Crew via Pinterest, NyMag's The Cut, Refinery29 and Elle.com