Carrying your shoes to style

It wasn't until after 30 that I started to become much more religious about commuting/office shoes. When I was younger there were times that I just wanted to show off my incredible kicks more than I cared about the pain of getting home in them. 

However, nowadays the pain outweighs the pleasure. I am much more practical in my older age and it doesn't hurt that in London I feel like no one would dare commute in anything other than flats. 

So carrying my shoes to work is now something I need to do on a fairly regular basis. If I won't be donning one of the two pairs of black pumps that live under my desk then I will have to bring my shoes with me. 


What that meant, up until last weekend, was that my shoes were getting tossed into a raggedy shoe bag that then made it into my purse. But then I stumbled upon this amazing brand, la cerise sur la gateau, and now my shoes arrive in style. A win win for all involved.  If the hot pink is a bit too much for you check out all their other options, which not only are great for carting your shoes into work but tucking away into your suitcase for all your chargers, or perhaps a bag to put your dirty laundry in while on those longer work trips.