Being healthy AND green at work

So we all know we should drink more water. Drinking water before a meal helps you feel more full, which hopefully means I can cut down on my constant snacking that has left me feeling like a stuffed sausage as of late. I have just ordered a stainless steel, BPA free, water bottle. This is exactly the kind of thing I want to keep at my desk, in my bag, with me at the gym, well everywhere really. Not only does it keep me hydrated but I am also not throwing away a paper cup every time I need a drink of water or buying an endless supply of bottled water.

A Fine Choice, an enterprise started by a mother of three I know here in London, with an eye for good design and who is eco conscious in all aspects of her life, has a fabulous selection of green products for your on the go lifestyle. Lunch totes and reusable bags are just some of the other options alongside stainless steel, BPA free, water bottles in a wide range of colors. A Fine Choice also ships internationally so even if you are not based in the UK or Europe please check it out!

Here is to hoping that spring is upon us soon, which usually means lighter meals, more exercise and just all around feeling more healthy. Till then I love that I can make a difference with 'green' options and by supporting another female entrepreneur!