Wearing a white bag to work. Really?

I think that while there is certainly a place for a white bag in the work place it isn't exactly practical. I want a bag that I can wear Monday-Friday as well as on the weekends. A bag that isn't going to be attacked by pens the world over, not to mention highlighters, spaghetti, and those dark blue jeans I might be wearing on the weekend. 

That being said the idea of having a white bag is so luxurious, because it is so precious, that deep down I really want one. Then I saw this little number from Forever21 for £24.90 (or $29.80). This is the kind of luxury that if it does get ruined in 3 months time I won't fall into a fit of depression, it is pleather after all, right? 

Forever 21 fancy structured carryall white bag 1500.jpg

Image courtesy of Forever21