Feeling Blue at work

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Images courtesy of Visual Optimism, from Eurowoman March 2014

T minus 3 days till I am back in the work place and I am already thinking about my first Friday.

I just know the first week will be a big readjustment. Inevitably I won't be able to fall asleep on Sunday night. The rest of the first week I will be in the process of readjusting the sleeping habits that I have developed over the past 9 months which did not necessitate me waking up at 5.30am.

With that in mind I am thinking about jeans, BLUE jeans for casual Fridays. I am not entirely certain that jeans will be allowed on Fridays at my new job so for now I am just getting excited about blue. Some great inspiration here on how to work blue into your work wardrobe, and if I am lucky enough to have casual Friday's how I can work some blue jeans into that look as well without looking sloppy or too casual. I am thinking I may need a light blue blazer to pair with some dark blue jeans...