Labolsina. The perfect tote for work and play

A tote in this day and age is an indispensable accessory. A tote that I can travel with is even more essential. The perfect tote can carry my laptop, something to keep me warm on my journey and those other travel essentials, be it a snack, a book or reading material for work. 

Labolsina is an Italian brand, with a broader European influence, which launched in 2010. They took the idea of collecting furnishing fabrics that were used to decorate luxury hotels and repurposing them for handbags. I took my newly gifted Labolsina on a weekend trip to Paris, which is seriously my last getaway before entering the work world and shipping my passport off to the UKBA.

This was the perfect bag to welcome spring (hello gorgeous coral red!) in the city of love. While I adore the color, if you are looking for something more subtle to go with your work look or a different style check out their full eshop here which ships internationally! 

While I am waiting for my background check to be completed for my new job here in London, this weekend shoot will have to suffice. As soon as my first work trip does happen I will certainly be bringing this bag along and hopefully will get to snap some pictures of it in work ready action.

labolsina paris musee d'orsay March 31_14 1500.jpg
Labolsina Paris Notre Dame_2 March 31_14 1500.jpg

photos courtesy of Labolsina