Coats, consider yourself warned.

We all have a weakness right? Yours may be ice cream,  flamin' hot cheetos, lipstick or shoes. Mine is coats (ok, as well as flamin' hot cheetos). I have more coats then I need but it is because I buy one about every two years but refuse to throw any of my old ones out. I think I finally got rid of a cream coat, that just wouldn't go back to being cream no matter what my dry cleaner tried. I had this thing for 8 years. Do you know what an 8 year old cream coat ends up looking like? And still the decision took hours. 

What I am getting at is that I am obsessed with coats, so brace yourselves, many a post on coats for fall/winter 2014/15 starts today. Hello current obsessions, thank you & Other Stories and their Ada Kokosar 'story'.

The coats are all classic shapes with just the right updates. You have the classic trench shape in the burgundy, the double breasted coat in a gorgeous turquoise (also comes in black), note the slightly popped collar for the extra edge, and finally the navy coat with the notched standing collar. In order of appearance these run £165, £165 and £185.

P.S. don't forget & Other Stories is slated to open their first brick and mortar store in SoHo NYC before the end of this year.