Necklace too long? DIY solution

image courtesy of   Visual Optimism   

image courtesy of Visual Optimism 

This image from my Valentine's Day post got me thinking....

The bracelet reminded me of a necklace I have, and inspired me to think about exactly what I wanted that little gold chain to be. What I just knew it had the potential to be, in fact!

Lets not gloss over the fact that the bracelet feature is sheer perfection....back to the point...

The necklace I have was a bit too long, as I wanted something that sat just at my collar bone. While removing links was a real possibility the links were too small to do it on my own, and well I am just not too sure who to go to on the jewelry scene for things of this nature.  Solution?  A DIY inspiration, thank you Russian Vogue!  



So what do you do to make the slightly longer than wanted necklace the perfect length?  Why tie some knots in the chain, of course.

The look is perfect and I have ended up with the perfect length necklace. Basically just tie a knots roughly even distance apart in a chain, and voila! 

This would also work if you have a bracelet that is too big or a small necklace that you would rather wear as a bracelet.

Who knew The Work Look would be posting DIY solutions for office appropriate work wear, but there you have it. 

Happy hump day.