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Summer is officially here! We are entering June and the temperatures are finally rising.

I am more than ready for summer weather but I know that sometimes figuring out what to wear to work when the temperature spikes can be tricky. You want your work wardrobe to be just a bit more fun, embracing the summer season, and ready as ever to go from work, to drinks, dinner, or that summer outdoor movie. What you don't want to be is that woman trying to break through the glass ceiling with a hem line so short that you can't physically climb higher than the bottom rung!

Embroidery is the perfect way to inject some summer into your work wear while still gunning for the corner office. Something about it just transports you to the souks of Morocco or the mercados of Cancun. I would pair anything with a more summer feel with something very structured. Think a flowy top with skinny black slacks, or wide legged trousers with pointy toed shoes. If pairing with a skirt keep it on the less voluminous side, like a pencil skirt. 

All items from Zara. Top row from left: Long sleeve top £49.99, short sleeve top £25.99, jacket £79.99 Bottom row from left:  tank £22.99, jacket £59.99, long sleeve top £25.99