shopping destination. Portugal

This was a busy summer. Not because I had a baby earlier this year, but because I decided to take advantage of my maternity leave as much as possible. Everyone said, travel before the baby starts moving, it will never get easier. Plus, when would I ever have this time, just me and this little person, to enjoy each other's company and get paid to do it? So hit the road we did. 

First stop was Italy. Then we went home, to San Diego. Back to England and in the car for 6.5 hours to get to Cornwall.  Then finally one last hurrah before heading back to work. I was off to Portugal for a girls (+ baby) trip, where we were heading to Lisbon and Porto. 

Olá Portugal! I had no expectations at all but honestly Lisbon and Porto were total gems. Lisbon was fantastic and I am planning to go back, hopefully sooner rather than later. Porto was interesting as it was a real intersection of old and new, I am still processing it, but we came across the best shopping I had seen in a long time. Apparently Bloomberg ran a piece just earlier this month claiming that Porto is a fashion and design destination. I couldn't agree more.

Three shops that we stumbled across that I would absolutely go out of my way to visit again. Clerigos In, an amazing shop in Passeio dos Clerigos, with eye wear plus a spattering of fashion and lifestyle pieces sprinkled in. Daily-Day carries fantastic local brands as well as their own in house brand and feels super of the moment. Finally  The Feeting Room which had great shoes for men and women with an added bonus of accessories, again for both sexes. 

Portugal, I am coming back for more. Até logo!