All work and no play......

So I realize my posts have not been as regular as I, or probably anyone else that wants to see The Work Look succeed would like; but, life happens, right?  

So over the last year a lot of life has happened. I got pregnant, had a baby and am now back at work. I am trying to juggle it all and still keep my sanity.

Not making the time to cultivate and further my creative outlets has left my life lacking. I really love what The Work Look is. Of course it could be better.  Of course there are things I would like to change, when I have the time. Regardless it is still a wonderful outlet for me, and something that I think is missing out there in the blogosphere. 

The Work Look is something I would like to spend more time on. So, bear with me. It won't be as frequent as I would like, surely, but The Work Look is not going away. This may mean more instagram posts, and things that require a little less time, but I am excited about where women are today in terms of their careers and advancement in the corporate space. I would like to think I am part of this conversation; I certainly want to be.

Thank you for continuing to visit The Work Look and I look forward to sharing more and interacting on a more personal level with all women who are inspired to do more and who inspire me to keep pushing on every front.